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Spay & Neuter For A Better Future
SUN P.E.T.S. Reaches Milestone
20,000th Animal Sterilized Through Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program
LEWISBURG – SUN P.E.T.S. (Prevent Excess Through Sterilization) has reached a historic milestone with their low-cost spay/neuter program for pets of low-income individuals and families in Snyder, Union, and Northumberland counties. Through the work of volunteers, monetary donations from the public, regional grants, and the reduced cost services of local veterinarians, the 20,000th animal has been sterilized through their program.
Cindy Crozier, president of the organization, stated, “We are so thrilled to be reaching this high point in our organization’s history. When we started in 1984, we knew there was a pet overpopulation problem and realized that the number of dogs and cats that were homeless could be reduced if we could get people to spay or neuter their pets. So we started by educating the public and raising funds to help those that struggled with the cost of spaying or neutering their dog or cat. Each year we have helped hundreds of people and animals which has resulted in 20,000 animals being spayed or neutered since our inception. We could not have done this without public support and the work of our participating veterinarians.”
SUN P.E.T.S. works to educate the public through their website, social media, public events, and media releases. Their main message is the importance of spaying and neutering. They also distribute information on how to be a responsible and caring pet owner.
There are several reasons to spay and neuter.
  • In seven years, one female cat and her offspring could produce up to 420,000 more cats.
  • In six years, one female dog and her offspring could produce up to 67,000 more dogs.
  • Spayed or neutered animals are generally healthier and happier. The risk of some cancers is greatly reduced by sterilizing your pet.
  • Sterilized animals are less likely to roam, fight, or by injured by other animals.
  • Sterilized animals are less likely to display hormone driven mating behavior like spraying, yowling, or trying to escape the house.
  • It costs less to license a sterilized animal.
  • Municipal resources being used to deal with homeless animals will decrease as less dogs and cats are born.
SUN P.E.T.S. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization staffed by local volunteers from around the region and holds several yearly fundraising events. The two of the most popular events are the February Silent Auction & Dinner at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg and the October Paws In The Vineyard event at Spyglass Winery in Sunbury. They also hold several rabies clinics throughout the year.
To celebrate their 20,000th animal sterilized, the organization is asking for donations of $20 or recurring monthly donations of $20. One-time and monthly donations can be made online via their website at www.sunpets.org or mailed to SUN P.E.T.S., PO Box 64, Lewisburg, PA 17837. For more information about the organization, go to www.sunpets.org, Facebook.com/ WeAreSUNPETS/ or call 570-523-1135.